We're almost there! We'll be announcing the full route and map in the next 36 hours! Here's some things to keep in mind.

  • The Facebook event page is where you can stay in touch with Santa and sharing your photos and stories.
  • The Twitter hashtag is #SeattleSanta, though we expect most people to use Facebook. 
  • We all have slacker Santa friends. Remind them about Santarchy to ensure they're ready.
  • Bring cash! We cannot stress this enough. Cards slow everything down.
  • Follow the route. Or don't. There is a lot of fun to be had off the main path. But we also have a lot of activities planned that you'll miss if you leave the main crowd.
  • Asshole Santas are not allowed! Respect the bars, the public, fellow Santas, and the city. Some bars and cities do not like Santarchy. All it takes is one bad Santa for us to get a reputation. So please do what you can to protect the future of Seattle Santarchy!
  • Consider making a donation to a charity you support this holiday season.

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    Santa is a prolific toymaker and philanthropist.  With such heavy responsibilities, sometimes Santa needs to cut loose and toss back a few.  This website is dedicated to Santa's playtime.


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