Make Santa Signs!


Signs are a great way to have some fun with Santacon/Santarchy!  Make your own signs this year, its easy and when you get tired of carrying them around you can give them away to another Santa!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Will HO for Booze!
  • Occupy North Pole
  • No Blood for Cookies & Milk
  • Elect Santa! 2016
  • Merry Fuckin' Christmas
  • Buy More Stuff!
  • Stop Elf Abuse
  • Stop Reindeer Abuse
  • Santa Needs A Drink!
  • We Want Bigger Chimneys!
  • Where's MY present?
  • Jesus who?
  • Gimme a Beer.  It's Christmas for fucks sake.
  • WWSD (What Would Santa Do?)
  • No Overtime, No Christmas.
  • Santa Died For Your Sins!
  • I Got Your Mistle Toe Right Here!

Tweeting Santa


Twitter can be a great means to tell your friends where you are at, or just post whatever Santa is up to.  Use this tag for all of your Seattle Santacon/Santarchy tweets:

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    About Santa

    Santa is a prolific toymaker and philanthropist.  With such heavy responsibilities, sometimes Santa needs to cut loose and toss back a few.  This website is dedicated to Santa's playtime.


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